It’s like Tianna but with a B.

I wonder if you spent your life feeling inadequate like me.

Did you go to private school as a child?

Were you not white enough?

Hair not straight enough?

Was your disjointed family not family enough or your apartments not “house” enough?

As a teenager, were you not ‘black’ enough (whatever that means)?

Your speech not slang enough?

Did dyslexia make you not smart enough?

After all that time wishing to be grown, when you grew up, was your education not enough?

Was your salary not enough?

When you were single, did it make you feel not compatible enough?

How many times did you hear someone reply “Oh, I’m just black” to the question of “what are you?”

Or what about when people simply reply “Oh” when your response is “I’m black?”

Why is black never enough?

Why was your life not enough?