'91 Corolla

You ever think about the music your children will sing from your childhood?

Every time I clean my apartment, I always find myself scrolling for the nostalgia of the 90s, and I am sure my kids will know Camp Lo and Toni Braxton, just as much as they will know Kaytranada and Snoh Aalegra.

This all started when I realized Waiting to Exhale was 25 years old.

Upon a little more digging, the math would show that my mom was reaching a coming of age when this iconic biopic about love and loss came to theaters...how relatable that must have been!

She had just turned 30 in 1995, with a 7 year old in tow, and a '91 Blue Toyota Corolla that took her from Ohio to South Carolina.

I will never live down the reputation of that little girl singing my heart out to Weak by SWV in the backseat of that Corolla.

I will also never live down being the same little girl who was embarrassed by the sight of that Corolla in the 2000s, dismissing how proud my mom must have been to even be able to afford it on her own.

Before I had a walkman or cd player, I had a '91 Blue Toyota Corolla to discover the music I still long for. These playlists are an ode to that Corolla and to my mom's late 20s/early 30s.

I now fully understand how relatable this music really was at that time for her, and hope she knows how influential it was for me then, and now.

ILY Angie.

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'91 Corolla - Side A - The best of R&B from 1993-1998. Think 3 hours of Waiting To Exhale.

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'91 Corolla - Side B - The best of Hip-Hop from 1993-1998.

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